Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Predictive Maintenance, Preventive Medicine and How Are You Feeling? Guest Post by Allen Canaday

Many procedures doctors are able to perform today are almost miraculous.  Science and technology have advanced at such a rapid pace over the last few decades.  Through integration of these new technologies with existing medical science, doctors are developing new procedures and medicines, when combined, allow for early intervention and even prevention of some diseases.  Culturally, preventive medicine has improved quality of life, provides greater longevity and lowers overall medical costs.
Much of the science and technology utilized in the medical profession has also found a home in the maintenance and reliability profession.  Today we have a myriad of proven technological tools available to diagnose asset health problems. Everything from ultrasonic and vibration to infrared and oil analysis,  these tools, when corrected applied, enable asset problems to be identified early on the failure curve, before the increasing costs of repair and potential catastrophic failure occurs.  Maintenance has evolved.  Maintenance is now the integration of science, technology, and training. 
Preventive medicine is firmly ingrained in our culture.  It works. Our confidence level is high and the experts tell us it is slowing the rate of costs increases for medical care.  It’s not uncommon to hear co-workers compare their “numbers”, it’s almost like a competition!  However, predictive maintenance is not nearly as culturally ingrained in the maintenance and reliability profession. Even though the science and technologies are proven many sites skip their appointment and miss the benefits. 
So why are the preventive/predictive technologies not advancing in maintenance and reliability profession at a more rapid pace?  Leave us your thoughts in the comments below.
Many companies can’t advance these technologies quickly enough while others continue to miss out on this competitive advantage.  If you are not utilizing the latest technologies in your facility start your business case now, before both yours’ and your assets’ health begin to diminish.
By the way, how have you been feeling?  It may be time for you and your maintenance strategies to have a check-up.  

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