Monday, August 3, 2015

10 Quotes That Could Mean Your Maintenance Program is Not Quite Best Practice

The following are ten quotes I have heard over the years that might not speak well of your maintenance and reliability efforts or the culture that has been created. The question is have you heard any of these in your facility? What did you do?

"I don't need a vibration analyzer, I use a screw driver and my ear."
"Prebreak is a thing. You can not go to break with dirty hands"
"The way we do it now is obviously the best way... Obviously, or we would not do it that way."
"A hammer is a precision maintenance tool and a knife is an acceptable screwdriver"
"Grease is grease and oil is oil"
"Is this an interruption? My break clock restarts with any interruptions"
"My maintenance jobs expand and contract to fit the job estimates. Tell me how long you want it to take"
"Our maintenance guys come in pairs and sometimes coveys regardless of the size and scope of the job"
"Our maintenance guys know the best gossip because we send them back and forth over and over for parts and tools and they see and talk with everyone."
"Yea we have predictive maintenance tools they are on the shelf in the office" under a coating of dust.

Please share you favorites below in the comments... Do not be shy we know the quote came from another plant not the one you work in now.

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  1. We need to shorten this s hedule outage. What PMs can we skip?

  2. Good one Chris! "We need to shorten this scheduled outage. What PMs can we skip?"

  3. Below are some awesome quotes from the LinkedIn post!

    Covey Hall, CRL
    Global Manager of Engineering and Consulting Services at Lloyd's Register Energy - Drilling (LRED)
    "Uncontrolled items in store room with UBG written on them ("Used, but Good")"

    Matt Spurlock, CLS, CMRP, CRL
    Specializing in Lubrication Program Optimization and Oil Analysis Prgm Development. Real Results. Real Reliability!
    ""the red grease is better than the brown grease"; "we put three shots of grease in a small bearing and five shots of grease in a big bearing"; "we don't have any lubrication related failures""

    Ana Maria Delgado, CRL
    Marketing & Communications for LUDECA Alignment | Vibration | Balancing
    "And there are those who still don't believe in precision alignment...“We don’t use no fancy alignment tool. All we need is a straight edge.”"

    Brian S. Redden, CMRP, CPMM
    Quality Coordinator, Reliability Services at GenesisSolutions
    "Seasoned 30+ year technician in regards to oil analysis on a large gearbox (picture him with his screwdriver in hand): "I will be able to tell you when the gearbox is failing before anyone reading the analysis because I am checking it weekly with this tool and my ear!"

    "That will not work in this environment!"
    "We are different!"

    I have so many actual quotes!"

    Alan Knight, CMRP
    Maintenance and Reliability Engineer at Mueller Company
    "I've heard this one more than once from more than one facility: I can align it just as good as a laser with a straight edge or a string."

    Mike Poland, CMRP, CCMP, CRL
    Vice President at Life Cycle Engineering
    "I need a bigger hammer...."

    Matthew J. Hahn
    Vibration Engineer
    "We still run into a lot of folks who still "do not believe" in vibration analysis. It's remarkable on the one hand, but it's also a great indicator that the plant/ship is probably suffering from poor program management."

  4. "If you use a flexible coupling you don't need to do an alignment."